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Haulout / Hardstand


We have a crane onsite to lift vessels of up to 22 tonne. Liftable weight does depend on type of vessel.

launches <6m beam up to 22 tonne/  >6m 20 tonne

Multihull yachts with rig  up to 17 tonne

Monohull yachts with rig up to 20 tonne

If you are wanting a vessel lifted out getting close to our max lift weight please give us a call with boat dimensions etc and we can advise on whether we are able to lift your vessel.

Vessels heavier than 22 tonne can be lifted out with a larger crane please call to discuss your requirements. We can arrange  lifts for up to 100 Tonne vessels.

Max draft able to navigate the river access is 2.8M


We can accommodate boats up to 100 ft in length. Props/cradles are included. Power and water are available. 

Hardstand hours are 7am -7pm no work to be carried out outside these hours


We have storage options for storing gear you need to take off your boat.

Shelters/ Sheds

We have a few shelter/Shed options available to cover your vessel to get you out of the weather please call to discuss

Scaffolding/ Shrinkwrap services are also available onsite.

You are also welcome to erect a shelter over your boat. (This might incur additional hardstand costs) 

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Click to see available shelters and sheds


Click to download our Haulout/ Hardstand terms and conditions. pdf format

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