Rates Effective 1st Oct 2020

Haul Out/ Hardstand Rates

Prices include cradle/props, power and water

All Prices Exc Gst

Boat Lengths measured overall incl an protrusions ie Boarding platforms and bow Sprites

** Catamarans over 5.5m Beam are 1.5 X std Hardstand daily rate

Liveaboard, Use of power and water Add $5 /day

**Fixed Scaffold 1.3 X Std hardstand Daily rate

** Waterblast/ Wash $70 /hr


All prices Exc Gst


To put your boat in a shelter/shed is based on vessel length and is 100% of hardstand rate for your size of boat.

ie 40 ft boat : hardstand $44/day + shelter $44/day = total $88 per day .

You are also welcome to construct you own shelter over you boat. The cost of this is 20% x given hardstand rate for your vessel


Trailer Boats 

All Prices Exc Gst  

Measured on overall length (Boat and trailer) up to 3M wide

Caravans/ Motorhomes/ Trailers etc 

All Prices Exc Gst 


Shipping Containers - Customer owned

All Prices Exc Gst

Shipping Containers - General storage ( your goods in our container)

All Prices Exc Gst